1. Laurence Sterne’s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemen is a story that centralizes on the insecurities of Tristram Shandy. This novel mentions in many different ways the insecurities that Shandy has. For example, in chapter five when he wished that he was born on another planet and when he said that fortune was not on his side. He is feeling sad for himself and feels as if he is unlucky therefore making him insecure. He even said in chapter 7 that he is not a wise man, so time and time again he is putting himself down and wishing he were different. Another theme could be his father’s exactness, which could have affected Shandy in a negative way.
  2. The main themes of the film Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story chaos, sacrifice, and insecurities. Chaos meaning that the film was showing that the main actor’s life is just as chaotic as the person he was portraying; and also what was said in the movie that life is too chaotic to categorize it. Sacrifice meaning the extent that one is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve a goal (time with family, sleep, free time etc.).  The main actors insecurities were his nose, his size/height (shoes) and his need to be the center of attention and bigger than everyone else.
  3. The issues and problems involved with adapting the book into the film are that they felt the need to include a completely different story about them making a film based on the book. So it seems like a story within a story, which may be confusing to some viewers and distract them from the actual facts and themes in the original book. Perhaps they thought that the story was not interesting enough and needed more. It puts a different twist to the story but also making it seem not like the story at all.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vjbyxIsKIY

This video does a nice job in quoting some of the book while showing different parts in the movie.


This blog digs deep into many aspects of the film. The importance of the source in understanding the film is because it describes in detail the plot of the film and how it is a satire. The author also touches on the set/costumes, cinematography and the cast. She points out a few things that were new to me for example some of the characters played themselves.


This is an article about how someone went on the journey of turning Tristram Shandy into a graphic novel or comic book and the obstacles he faced doing so.                                                                                                


  1. Q: At one moment in the film, we hear news about the war in Afghanistan on the radio, but no characters respond to it or comment upon it. What is Winterbottom trying to say with this short interlude?

A: Nobody responds or comments upon the news about the war in Iraq, which is odd, but it is because no one cares. They are so wrapped up in making of the film that they do not have time to care about the war. It is ironic though that they were so obsessed about the fake war in the movie but the real war in reality did not faze them. Winterbottom used this short moment in the film to further imply the theme of chaos in the movie.