1. The excerpts of “American Splendor” by Harvey Pekar seem to have the common themes of cruelty and humor. Even though the cruelty might have been unintentional, from Harvey’s perspective his peers making fun of his name in his young age felt cruel. And later his peers making fun of his incorrect response to his teacher, felt like they were being cruel to him again. The one comic about Harvey having all junk food but no meat was supposed to be a humorous one. Like professor Byrne said in the lecture “humor can be found anywhere and in everyday life”. And that is what Harvey was trying to reveal in his writing.
  2. “American Splendor” directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini contains themes such as everyday/mundane life and identity. Everyday life is what the movie is centralized on. Everyday things like going to the store, trick-or-treating as a kid, and eating at a diner. The movie just tells stories of Harvey’s life. Like Robert Crumb mentioned (in the lecture) that his stories are “so staggeringly mundane…” And Campion said (in the lecture) that the stories Harvey tells are “extraordinary rich description of the anxieties, trials and tribulation of adult life”. Harvey had issues with his identity and viewers know that by the questions he asked himself at the end of the film. Questions like “Who am I?” and “What’s in a name?” Harvey having voice trouble in the beginning of the film and having a moment of silence is a symbol of his identity crises, because someone’s voice is a huge part of their identity.
  3. The issues and problems with adapting the book (comics) into film is the fact that comics are many short stories and adapting them into one long one, a film, is difficult. Perhaps another problem in adapting the comic into a movie is because the comics deal with everyday life, so the movie could seem boring. The directors and writers need to do a lot in order to capture the audiences attention and make many stories fit into one long one that flows. It is very similar to Sherlock Holmes, because that was many short stories as well. These comics would be easiest adapted into a television show because each episode can be one of the stories in the comics.
  4. http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2010/07/cleveland_comic-book_legend_ha.html                                                                                                               This article is essential in understanding the film because even though people don’t think heroism is a theme in these works, it talks about a different kind of heroism. The working class, getting through each day kind of heroism. This source even contains quotes from Pekar himself in which he speaks of the humor in everyday life being funnier than what comedians do on t.v. This website even as two attached Letterman interviews which give a deeper understanding of Harvey’s personality and life. I noticed that he is actually really funny, and from what I saw in the movie and exerts I didn’t think he was funny.                                                                                                                 http://trulyfreefilm.hopeforfilm.com/tag/american-splendor                           This source contains information on the people who made the film and their memories about Harvey.                                                                                       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5wkDfQvNE4                                            This is a youtube video where Harvey speaks of his love of Jazz, his record collection and tells his favorite unknown Jazz artist.
  5. 5.Q: What if the film were completely animated? Would this have made American Splendor a better adaptation? If so, how so?

A: A completely animated film would have made American Splendor a better adaptation because using the original drawings of the comics would have made the fans of the comics and other viewers relate to it more; therefore giving the viewers a better chance to grasp and understand the main themes. Having the original artwork of the comics come to life could have been another way to make the adaptation seem more faithful. In making a completely animated film, they could have used all of the original voices of the characters making the film seem more real. Furthermore, using the original drawings of the comics would probably result in the film being more true to the comics, which would enhance the themes and main ideas Harvey wrote in the comics.