1. “No Country For Old Men” written by Cormac McCarthy contains themes such as murder and chance. Murder is mentioned a number of times in the excerpt; Ed Tom the Sheriff mentions that there were recently nine murders in one week and Chigurh killed two people in the very beginning of the novel.  The Sheriff talks about a fourteen year old girl and a judge getting murdered. Moss dies and then Carla Jean, so basically there is just murder after murder. Chance is a common theme especially in the part where Chigurh is getting ready to kill Carla Jean. He explains to her that she has bad luck and she picked heads when the coin was tails so she picked her fate of death due to chance. Like it was said in the lecture “how much is our lives determined by free will and how much is forces outside of our control”. This sentence really sums up the main idea of the film and how the movie is constantly is juggling with the fate and chance dilemma.
  2. “No Country For Old Men” directed by Joel and Ethan Coen contains the main theme of greed. The whole movie was centralized on the idea that many characters were after the suitcase full of money. And it was greed that drove certain people to do things (like the countless people that crossed Chigurh’s path and he ended up killing). If it was not for the natural feeling of human greed than the film would not have even happened. If there was no greed in the movie then as soon as Moss found the money that was not his, he would have turned it into the police.
  3. Issues and problems associated with adapting the book into film are things that were mentioned in the lecture like pacing. The viewer really doesn’t get a feel for all the emotions and meaning behind Moss’ 60-second chase, instead the book gives a better feeling of the encounter with several pages of the chase. The book being more descriptive and making a scene seem a lot longer than in the movie could effect what the readers and viewers take out of that incident. It is a problem that the movie doesn’t have as much of the Sheriff’s dialogue that the book has and the audience really misses out on that extra information that could possibly change people’s opinion of characters and result in changing the story. However that could just be because it is a movie and they had to cut a lot of things that they felt weren’t as important out. I think this would make a great (or even better than a movie) television show, because there would be so much anticipation for the next episode.
  4. http://blogs.suntimes.com/scanners/2007/11/no_country_for_old_men_out_in.html                                                                                                                                    This source is important in understanding the film because it digs deep in figuring out who is Chigurh and what he represents. They talk about him representing evil and chaos and the role that he plays in the movie. This website also points out some important mofits and their meanings. This source gives readers a better insight to Chigurh as a character and a good analysis on the movie as a whole.                                                                                          http://www.blockbuster.com/browse/catalog/movieDetails/284510             This website gives you the option to rent “No Country For Old Men”. It includes a synopsis, member reviews, similar movies, the complete cast and a list of all the awards this movie has won.                                                                                    http://www.movieposterdb.com/movie/0477348/No-Country-for-Old-Men.html                                                                                                                            Interesting look at all the movie poster options for “Old Country For Old Men”
  5. Q: No Country for Old Men is undeniably violent and yet it is somewhat reticent about two killings, that of Llewelyn Moss and later his wife Carla Jean. Why would the film-makers decline to film their killings when so many other killings in the film are graphically shown?

A: The film-makers did not show Moss and his wife’s killings so that the audience would not be too shocked and cause them to not like the movie. It is a shock for two main characters (“good guys”) to die, but for the audience to watch them get killed and die is even a bigger shock and distress. If they were to show them getting murdered people would probably walk away from the movie with disgust and not like the movie as much. People know what happened but it was just too much to show it. Not showing their killings in some ways saved the movie from being too disturbing and a ‘bad movie’.