1. “Watchmen” written by Alan Moore is a comic book with the main theme of murder/mystery. The comic starts out as two investigators coming up with theories on how a man ended up on the street outside of his apartment- dead. The whole story is about Rorschach trying to solve Edward Blake’s murder. He warns his other “superhero” friends and tries to find out what Eddie did right before his death, which he is hoping will lead to his killer, gives the feeling of mystery to the readers. The murder theme is very prominent in the book, as we know because Rorschach says many different times throughout the comic “The comedian is dead”.
  2. “Watchmen” directed by Zach Snyder contains the main theme of heroism. This movie asks questions such as: What is a hero? What makes a hero? Etc. For example with Rorschach, to some he could be considered a hero because he put a lot of bad people behind bars, yet he got arrested and got put in prison and the people he put in prison certainly didn’t think of him as a “hero”. So throughout the movie viewers struggle with the question, is he a hero or isn’t he? As for the comedian to some he is considered a hero, yet he tried to rape his friend and shot a women pregnant with his child. So this makes viewers ask themselves, is the comedian still a hero after all the bad he has done? Or does the good outweigh the bad? And with Adrian Veidt, his ultimate goal is world peace but the way he went about it and set Mr. Manhattan up isn’t very heroic. The leading thought this film raises about heroism is, to be considered a hero one must be heroic personally and professionally, to the world and to your friends.
  3. Issues and problems with adapting “Watchmen” the comic into a film include the fact that a comic book goes against the logic of a film so much so that it’s almost impossible to do a faithful adaptation, like the lecture pointed out. Because the way that we go through a comic story is so completely different than the way that a story in a film unfolds, the film needs to be changed quite a bit. I think the comic would make a fun video game, of all the superheroes running around and fighting crime. But an issue with this form of media is that it will probably have to be even less like the comic then the movie was because there would need to be a lot more action in the story line (all that the game is, is fighting).
  4. http://www.twomorrows.com/comicbookartist/articles/09moore.html

This source is important in understanding “Watchmen” because it gives readers insight as to what influences Alan Moore. This insight helps readers  have a better understanding of the plot and characters. In this interview Moore also talks about how he feels about superheroes, how he is tired of writing about them and how his are different.


This source is a cartoon theme song intro to “Watchmen” for children.


This source makes it interesting to see the artwork from the comic books being transformed into the film. This allows for the similarities and differences seen in the artwork.

5.Q: How does Watchmen, directed by Zack Snyder, deconstruct or criticize other super-hero comic book films and series?

A: This film in some ways deconstructs and criticizes other super-hero comic book film and series because like Moore said himself in the source above his super-heroes aren’t the average super-heroes, his are different. The film make you question what even a super-hero is because the super-heroes in this film sort of dabble between good and evil. It’s sort of confusing and viewers aren’t really sure if the hero is completely good and heroic. This reminds me of the dementors in Harry Potter, they seemed good yet they attacked HP on several occasions.